• Rivard, Peter E. (Business)
    Healthcare management and organization, quality of patient care and patient safety
  • Robertson, Elbert L. (Law)
    Administrative law, affirmative action, anti-trust, civil rights, criminal law, education and human services, tort law, U.S. Constitution
  • Rodwin, Marc A. (Law)
    Conflicts of interest in medicine, healthcare regulation and finance, consumer health issues (consumer protection, consumer movements), pharmaceutical industry, managed care and HMOs, comparative health law and policy
  • Rosenthal, Robert E. (College)
    Journalism, leadership, media, politics
  • Rounds, Jr., Charles E. (Law)
    The rights duties and obligations of trustees and their beneficiaries, the legal structure of the U.S. social security system, the fiduciary obligations of lawyers and other agents, the equitable remedy of restitution for unjust enrichment, the trust as a vehicle for securitizing real estate mortgages, slavery reparations issues, the fiduciary principle generally, equitable institutions and remedies generally
  • Royo, Sebastian (College)
    Government, political science, comparative politics, Europe and Latin America, international education
  • Rufin, Carlos (Business)
    International business, emerging economies, regulation, energy, corporate social responsibility, Latin America, Brazil, urbanization, business and government relations
  • Rustad, Michael (Law)
    Tort law, products liability, Internet law, commercial law, electronic commerce, international sales law, licensing of software, computer law, tort reform, legal history, women in the military, legal profession, sociology of law, intellectual property law, Internet or computer security, product quality management, sexual harassment, women's issues, British Petroleum oil spill, parens patriae actions, cloud computing, punitive damages