Seniors Bryan Daley and Trevor Livingston have been creating a stir on Beacon Hill in a little theatre in the North End. The two are featured in the Improv Asylum’s musical parody You’re a Good Man, Scott Brown. While the title is a nod to the Clark Guesser musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, I.A.’s story takes us from the death of Ted Kennedy, to Martha Coakely’s decision to run for office and Brown’s unusual affection for his truck through the election.

The show has gotten a fair amount press in the local news media, especially since Scott Brown and his wife Gail Huff went to see the show in which they are both featured characters.

“We were all kind of nervous (when we found out Brown and Huff were attending),” remembers Daley. “The show isn’t defaming, but we poke a lot of fun at them. They loved it!”

Livingston, who plays the ghost of Ted Kennedy and Daley who plays libertarian candidate for Senate Joe Kennedy – no relation – have been involved with Improv Asylum for a couple of years, but You’re a Good Man, Scott Brown marks their mainstage debut. The two have been involved in Seriously Bent, Performing Arts Office’s musicals and Theatre Department shows while they pursue their Theatre majors.

The professional experience of working at Improv Asylum and the exposure to the State’s political theatres have not been lost on the pair. But for now, they are taking it one show at a time.

“Joe Kennedy’s coming next week,” says Daley. “We hope he likes it as much as Scott Brown did.”

Improv Asylum’s You’re a Good Man, Scott Brown runs Sundays and Wednesdays at their newly renovated theatre at 216 Hanover Street in Boston’s North End. For ticket information, visit their website.