Sarah Klug’s success working in a global environment is the culmination of a journey that began when she first set foot on the Suffolk campus.

“I was looking for an urban-Boston-based university that had a strong international focus and community. To me, that spelled Suffolk,” says the 2009 Sawyer Business School graduate.

The school’s Global Business program appealed to Klug because she “wanted an interesting curriculum, and … I couldn’t find any other university in the area that had such a rigorous global business program.”

Earning a BSBA degree from Suffolk led Klug to a position with Jedwards International, Inc., a wholesale supplier to cosmetic, soap-making, food and dietary supplement companies and manufacturers.

Klug’s responsibilities range from sourcing new products and new vendors to working on inventory management and special operations projects.

International business challenges
“I wear a lot of hats, which I truly enjoy,” she says. “I get to work in a global environment with manufacturers from all over the world on a daily basis. Doing business internationally challenges you to think like someone from a different cultural background.”

The Business School’s international faculty was one of the keys to Klug’s career readiness.

Critical thinking skills
“They were from all over the world, reputable, demanding and very good at teaching me the fundamentals of business,” she says. “As a global-focused student that was exactly what I was looking for.”

Her business courses “really pushed my boundaries and forced me to think critically.”

Klug remains active at Suffolk and is a board member of the Young Alumni Advisory Group, which strives to keep alumni connected, engaged, and involved with the University and its members beyond graduation.

She is an avid traveler who takes at least one international trip every year. She aims to work someday for a global corporation in the manufacturing business industry.

Klug shared her story with other young alumni who were recognized for achieving success in the workplace at a recent “Think Big, Dream Big” event, one of a series presented by the Suffolk Alumni Association in partnership with the University’s Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education.