Career Services and Cooperative Education recognized at the SGA Leadership Awards ceremony

CS/CE was honored to be recognized for the Distinguished Service Award at the SGA Leadership Awards ceremony held on April 13th. This year’s award was unique; it was the first year that it was awarded to an office as a whole, not an individual. At the award ceremony, CS/CE was lauded for their dedication to students. “It takes an enormously talented and dedicated staff, to coordinate with an excess of students about career opportunities. I believe like so many offices around Suffolk, this office is a vital part of the fabric of Suffolk University,” stated the president of the SGA Brian Le Fort.

The office staff was also commended for their longstanding commitment to the students and the university. Members of the staff have been with office for many years. Among those CS/CE staff with 10+ years of experience are Paul Tanklefsky, Peter McQuaid, Betsy McDowell, Gary Wallace, and Michele Rapp.

And it’s the students that keep the staff here at Suffolk. “Our students are bright, determined, and appreciative of our efforts,” stated Paul Tanklefsky, Director of Career Services and Cooperative Education. “Ultimately our goal is to provide students with the resources, advice, and experiences – co-ops and internships – to launch their careers. It’s meaningful and fulfilling work that we really value.”