Workers are making great headway as they reassemble the restored marble, sandstone, and brownstone components of the historic Modern Theatre facade.

The keystone was put into place this week as the Modern Theatre's grand arch was rebuilt from the original stones, which had been taken offsite for restoration.

The facade restoration is the centerpiece of a Suffolk University project that will create a new downtown residence hall, theater, and gallery, to open in fall 2010.

The Modern Theatre's classical facade was created in 1913 as architect Clarence Blackall transformed a Victorian Gothic warehouse into a venue for viewing the then-new art of motion pictures.

As television became popular and people moved to the suburbs, the Modern Theatre went into decline and eventually was abandoned to the ravages of time and weather.

But the lower Washington Street Theater District is reviving, and the University is playing its part through the facade restoration and the addition of new theater and gallery space.