A T-shirt and posters designed by Suffolk University students helped the Keep a Child Alive organization raise $48,999 at AIDSWalk 2010 in New York City.

More than 100 people wore the T-shirts for the walking team.

The designs were created for a Graphic Design II class taught by AnneMary Wood-Mann, who said that the San Francisco branch of Keep a Child Alive, or KCA, has asked to use the T-shirts for its upcoming walk.

"I was told that people who saw all the designs that KCA had to choose from wondered how they could have chosen, because the designs were all really spectacular," said Wood-Mann.

New England School of Art & Design student Erin Kelley designed the T-shirt selected by KCA, and Hope Reagan, Amanda Briere, and Affra Gutub designed posters for the walk. Their work may be seen in this AIDSWalk video.

Walkers were so enthused about the design that they asked to buy the shirts, according to Wood-Mann. Keep a Child Alive sold them $20 apiece and, with matching funds, realized $60 for each T-shirt sale.

Meanwhile, those walking with the posters didn't want to give them back because they liked them so much, so they took them home.