Student photographers returning from a three-week adventure in Tuscania, Italy, will see their work published in a group portfolio and exhibited on campus this coming fall.

The Summer One photojournalism course took the students to the historic walled city located north of Rome in Viterbio Province, where they attended class for four hours each morning in the Lorenzo de’ Medici School. Afternoons were spent traveling throughout the region, Photojournalism students in Rome (Photo by Ken Martin)photographing people, places and events that piqued the photographers' interest.

“The unexpected things that happen on these study-abroad trips are what make them so special,” said Ken Martin, who teaches in both the University's Communication and Journalism Department and its New England School of Art & Design. “There was always so much going on.”

The students happened upon people celebrating a victory by the Italian soccer team, a Wild West horse show, and a local wedding.

The student photographers showcased their work at a photo exhibit held at the Lorenzo de’ Medici campus.

Photojournalism students in Rome (Photo by Ken Martin)
Horse show in Tuscania (Photo by Mavis Wong)