Students in an Advertising Design class have gained valuable experience collaborating with a client while helping out an organization that works to prevent child abuse through parent education.

The non-profit Children’s Trust Fund’s annual summer safety campaign, “Not Even for a Minute,” this year will use artwork created by students in an Advertising Design course taught by Anthony Capozzi at the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University.

Public helps choose poster

The students created posters to convey the message that children should never be left in a car unsupervised. Children’s Trust Fund is running a Facebook contest using the students’ images, and a poster will be selected for display on roadside billboards in Massachusetts.

Kirsten MalinowskiKirsten Malinowski, who created one of the posters, said: “I choose to illustrate the relationship between a child and a parent. At a young age, children's hands are so small and precious that they can only grasp onto a finger or two of a parent’s larger hands. This relationship shows love and care for one another and also gets the message across that this parent chose to do the right thing and not leave the child alone in the car.

Client-artist experience

Malinowski appreciated the opportunity to work with a real-life client.

“I've done work for non-profits before in other classes, but this time was different,” she said. “We were able to sit down with the client and ask questions and hear from them, so we were able to create a relationship and an understanding.

"I had an amazing time working on this poster and working with the Children’s Trust Fund. They’re genuinely nice people trying to make the world a better place, and I hope that my poster gets that message across.”

Other students who created artwork for the “Not Even for a Minute” campaign include:

  • Franklin Castillo
  • Morgan Laliberte
  • Kelley Garrard
  • Amy Parker
  • Amanda Desrosiers