Junioris Jimenez never intended to study graphic design, but his placement in a high school art class led to a creative opportunity with the University.

Jimenez, a junior at Madison Park High School interning with the Office of University Communications, had intended to take a business management course.

Serendipity placed him in a graphic design class instead, and participation in a job-shadow day first linked him with University Communications Art Director Donald Suthard.

It proved to be a good match, and Jimenez has spent summer 2010 interning with the University design team.

“I like that I get real hands-on work to do, like designing postcards and choosing a color palette for a poster,” said Jimenez.

In a blog about the internship, Jimenez says: “My mentor Donald along with Denise (Lang) and Maria (Guerriero), two other graphic designers at the OUC, have pushed me out of my safe zone by giving me tasks that I had never done before."

One of his Jimenez's designs was selected for distribution by Youth Design Boston, which had helped him connect with Suffolk University.