Ad reads For students who believe college is a privilege, not a birthright

The University has unveiled an ambitious series of ads that focus on students’ drive and the importance of Suffolk as a Boston institution.

More than a dozen print and outdoor ads celebrate Suffolk’s success in developing accomplished graduates who are making a difference in Boston and beyond.

A television commercial that debuted June 27 features the iconic scene from the 1954 film On the Waterfront where Marlon Brando’s character laments the wrong decisions he has made in his life and how he “coulda been a contender.” The spot concludes with the simple copy, “Be a contender. Suffolk University.”

Focus on "resourceful" students

“Suffolk is a proud institution that has long championed the resourceful and the deserving, and this campaign is a powerful reminder of our Ad reads Passion is a requirement, not an electiveheritage, our mission and our accomplishments,” said James McCarthy, president of Suffolk University. “We're proud of who we are, and it’s important to let students, parents, employers, alumni and the city of Boston know of the tremendous role we play in developing student potential and providing opportunity to the next generation.”

The ads by the DeVito/Verdi advertising agency celebrate the work ethic and passion Suffolk students are known for, using headlines such as “Passion is a requirement, not an elective,” “Suffolk students rely on their will to succeed, not their father’s will” and “For students who believe college is a privilege, not a birthright.”

Combining humor and emotion

“We're working with an agency known for its sense of humor and ability to create emotional connections.” said Greg Gatlin, vice president of communications. “They're known for that ability to cut through the clutter and sometimes be a little edgy. If you can make someone laugh or show them a smart ad–and perhaps more importantly, create an emotional connection–you may begin to engage them in an important conversation.”

The television commercial debuted on NESN during the June 27 Red Sox/Yankees game, and the campaign will run throughout the year.