Teeth provide a "visual cue to the class divide" in the TV series “Orange is the New Black,” writes Sociology Professor Susan Sered in “What Pennsatucky’s Teeth Tell Us About Class in America,” published in Bitch Magazine.

Sered writes: “In the midst of a prison culture formally and informally divided by race, Tiffany [AKA Pennsatucky] embodies an equally powerful yet rarely discussed social divide: class.”

Given that “Dental health is not covered by standard health insurance and Medicare has no dental benefits, so about half of Americans don’t have dental insurance, she argues that “ If we on the left really want to reach across class lines, we should seriously consider making ‘Free Dental Care for All’ our rallying cry.”

Sered’s research "explores how individuals and groups experience suffering, illness, death and birth as well as the ways in which powerful institutions manage, or do not manage, to exert control over those experiences."

Sered's blog discusses the application of her research to current events.

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