Suffolk is among the top universities in the country when it comes to Internet speed, according to an analysis by Valore Books and The University ranks No. 3 for Internet speeds based on how long it takes the network to download and upload.

“Today, reliable, high bandwidth networking provides tremendous value for our students, faculty and staff,” said Chief Information Officer Tom Lynch. “It greatly facilitates effective communication, high-performance teamwork, teaching, learning, research, and scholarship.”

The use of new, innovative, cloud-based software and services underscores this trend, he said. Suffolk’s network architecture, consisting of a 10-gigabit network backbone with gigabit speeds to the desktop, connected to two excellent Internet services providers, is built for performance.

“The external validation of our network performance by an independent group is very exciting,” said Lynch. “High performance at low cost was the vision of our Network Services Group, who have worked tirelessly to achieve this vision, which creates exceptional value for the Suffolk community. I want to congratulate the team for its excellent work and fantastic outcome.”

The Network Services Group is made up of Anupam Singh, Fouad Yatim, Paul Guarino, Norman Mourtada, Andrew Buik, and Abhishek Potdar.