Economics Professor Jonathan Haughton co-authored the article "Microcredit on a Large Scale: Appraising the Thailand Village Fund" with Shahidur Khandker of the World Bank and Pungpond Rukumnuaykit of Chulalongkorn University. It has been accepted for publication in the Asian Economic Journal.

A "Report on the Vietnam Urban Poverty Survey of 2012," drafted with Le Thi Thanh Loan for the United Nations Development Programme, is being translated into Vietnamese.

Haughton presented the paper "Setting the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Is Multidimensional Poverty Measurable?" on May 31 at the Knowledge Globalization Conference hosted by the Shijiazhuang University of Economics in China. The twice-yearly Knowledge Globalization conferences were founded by Sawyer Business School Accounting Professor Mawdudur Rahman. The May conference included a video presentation by George Moker, director of the entrepreneurship program at the Business School. Law Professor Janice Griffith and Business School Professor C. Gopinath were among the more than 400 people attending the conference.

Haughton taught at the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics for three weeks in May and June. Suffolk has a cooperation agreement with the university, which sends students here for English training.