Nicole Price has a special place in her heart when it comes to Unity Week, Suffolk University’s annual celebration of diversity and community, taking place February 21-28.

“Unity Week is the apex of diversity programming that takes place throughout the year,” said Price, chief inclusion and diversity officer. “It is very important because, while we have the opportunity to experience something different, what stands out the most are the commonalities we share as members of the human race.”

She went to describe Unity Week as “a spotlight on inclusion here at Suffolk University,” and that the week-long activities “provide numerous opportunities for our community to come together.”

Unity Week goals

  • Provide a concentrated opportunity to share differing perspectives and cultures
  • Engage students, faculty, and staff from different backgrounds in a creative and collaborative planning process
  • Reaffirm that education includes learning about the contributions of different cultures and the oppression of some cultures as a means to see the interdependence and relationship of different groups
  • Celebrate the diversity represented by our campus community.

Unity Week is celebrating its 24th anniversary this year. It helps bring the entire Suffolk community together, with students, faculty, administrators, and staff attending events focused on education, entertainment, food, and music.

“This year we’ve-focused the learning objectives of Unity Week on challenging, connecting, and celebrating members of the community, which is apparent in the wide variety of events planned this week,” said Alexandra Paterson, associate director of Student Leadership and Involvement.

Freshman Sean Walsh, as part of the Unity Week Planning Committee, collaborated with students, alumni, faculty, and staff who are involved in campus matters.

“Unity Week allows all aspects of the University to come together as one,” said Walsh. “The main goals of the week are for everybody to be able to learn more about the school and the people who make it up, to have expansive collaboration, and to have fun.”

Sophomore Nicole Perry said that, through her participation in the Unity Week Planning Committee, she “learned some valuable skills about working as a team to create multiple events during a short time frame. Everyone on the committee brought something important to the table. In the end, we all had to be on the same page and work together with a common goal.”