Suffolk student journalists are once again producing one of the “Top 10” campus news websites in the nation.

The Suffolk Journal website won a 2015 National College Journalism Convention “Best of Show Award” from the Associated Collegiate Press during the organization’s recent national convention in Los Angeles.

The Journal website finished tenth among 143 schools in the small-school category, its third consecutive year in the Top 10 and the fifth in six years. It also won the prestigious Online Pacemaker Award in 2011.

“We spend a lot of time putting together this product for everyone in the Suffolk community,” said senior Melissa Hanson, editor-in-chief of the Suffolk Journal. “To know that our product stands out among the best in student journalism nationwide is extremely validating.”

The website gets an average of 2,600 views per week.

“It’s our goal every year to put out the best digital product we possibly can,” says Hanson, a senior print journalism major who is a correspondent for The Boston Globe. “We strive to deliver the most up-to-date and relevant information to the people in our community.”

Teamwork pays off

The Suffolk Journal is the work of about 25 student writers and editors, and Hanson says that the “team effort” is critical to creating a lively website.

“We are all very dedicated in what we do, and we really value constructive criticism in our newsroom,” she says. “We’re always looking for way to improve our craft.”

“This is another well-deserved national award for our journalism students and faculty; a further indication that we have one of the top journalism programs in the region,” said Professor Bob Rosenthal, chair of Communication and Journalism. “In the past five years, our students have been honored by national and regional organizations for their work in print, web, and broadcast news.”