Internships in Boston and overseas steered Pavan Nagavelli, JD ’14, into a career in international law.

While at Suffolk Law, he interned with two different non-governmental organizations in Cambodia, at one point training police officers to prevent human trafficking.

In Boston, Nagavelli gained experience as a trial lawyer on both sides of criminal cases. He was an intern at the Committee for Public Counsel Services representing criminal defendants and spent a year representing the state as a prosecutor in the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office.

Christy Carnegie Fujio, JD ’08 is an international public interest lawyer working with Physicians for Human Rights, where she is a legal adviser and director of Middle East/North Africa training.

“You need to do as many internships or as much volunteer work as possible, because it’s virtually impossible to start a career in human rights unless you have some substantive field experience prior to graduation,” said Fujio, who was engaged in pro bono work while at Suffolk Law. “Academic experience is not enough.”