The New England Innocence Project will be housed at Suffolk University Law School beginning in May 2015.

The non-profit organization provides pro bono legal services to identify, investigate, and exonerate people who have been wrongly convicted and imprisoned in the New England states.

In addition to its work on behalf of individual prisoners, the New England Innocence Project seeks to raise public awareness of the prevalence, causes, and costs of wrongful convictions. The organization advocates for legal reforms that will reduce the risk of wrongful convictions and hasten the identification and release of innocent prisoners.

Law School Professor Stephanie Hartung┬áserves on the New England Innocence Project’s board and teaches a seminar based on collaboration with the organization. She also has supervised students volunteering at the New England Innocence Project and regularly works with students on amici briefs on behalf of the organization.

The New England Innocence Project’s presence at the law school will provide an opportunity to expand student involvement with this important work on wrongful convictions.