Spanish Professor Iani Moreno's book Theatre of the Borderlands: Conflict, Violence, and Healing (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books) is due out on June 15.

The book focuses on how dramatists from the Northern Mexico border territories write about theater. The northern border playwrights included in the study present the US-Mexico borderlands in a socio-historical and political context and include discussions of: the indigenous, border crossings, heroes and folk saints, the city of Tijuana, and violence in the borderlands.

These themes have led to the birth of the Teatro del Norte movement, a group of determined playwrights insistent on presenting dramaturgical themes that show the bond between their particular geographies, histories, socio-political and economic situations, thereby giving birth to an original voice and new aesthetic of representation.

The artwork for the book's cover was created by Lenin Tejeda, a Suffolk University Spanish major.