The 2015 spring/summer issue of Salamander, published at Suffolk University, is now available. The issue features:

  • A cover image by sculptor Milan Klic
  • Keith Eisner’s “Blue Dot,” which takes a leap several decades backward, drawing us into its mind-altering story-within-a-story
  • Salamander cover image shows two enormous wireframe bicycles in gallery, a work by sculptor Milan KlicJoan Leegant’s “Hunters and Gatherers” about a mother and the return of her troubled son
  • Meghan Gilliss’s “Old Money,” which explores how riches, even when they evaporate in successive generations, leave their mark
  • “The Red Cape,” an intimate look at a childcare worker and her young charge
  • New poems by Gerry LaFemina, Debora Lidov, Alan Feldman, Lynn Sharon Schwartz, Yehoshua November, Frances Richey, Sara London, Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, Dan Kraines, Nicholas Wong, Beverly Bie Brahic, Susan Donnelly, Mary Buchinger, Tanya Muzumdar, and many others
  • An expanded review section that discusses new and recent books by memoirist Mary Bonina and poets Stephen Dunn, Christian Wiman, Andrea Cohen, and Sandra Lim

Please visit the Salamander website or contact Jennifer Barber at with questions or for more information.