A jazz ensemble featuring Mehmet Ali Sanlikol and special guest artist Tiger Okoshi will present An Eastern Ritual of Love, a concert exploring the mutual influences of Turkish music and jazz in the works of Sanlikol.

This exclusive performance, part of the Suffolk University Centennial Partnership Series, will take place at 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 24, 2007, at Suffolk University’s C. Walsh Theatre, 55 Temple St., Boston.

The concert will take the audience on a unique musical journey from the Ottoman Janissary Bands to Duke Ellington and from John Coltrane to contemporary composer Sanlikol. It will feature various guest artists playing Turkish ethnic instruments.

“The Suffolk community is pleased that we can present DÜNYA’s superb musicians to the general public,” said Theatre Arts General Manager Jim Kaufman. “Although jazz is a relatively new musical form, it is inspired by ancient rhythms, instruments, and yearnings and soaks in inspiration from every possible source – including Turkish traditions.”

“Recent world events have stirred an unprecedented curiosity among the American public about the culture and history of the Muslim Middle East,” said Sanlikol, president of DÜNYA and music director of this concert. “I would like to show them the intriguing influences and connections between Turkish music and jazz as another example of East and West not being two separate worlds”.

Tickets for An Eastern Ritual of Love are $20 for general admission and $15 for students and senior citizens. To purchase tickets, please call 617-859-5805.

This program is part of Boston Jazz Week.