The exhibit ArchiTapas: A Taste of Spain features the work of interior design students who studied at the University’s Madrid campus, combining studio work with close-hand inspection of influential works of Spanish art and architecture.

Students learned about key elements of contemporary practices in the architect-taught seminar “Spanish Architecture: Linked Generations.” The seminar analyzed the relationship between the masters of Spanish architecture of the 20th Century and the generations that followed.

The students combined studio practice of their technique and examination of recent and contemporary masters’ work through a study abroad program that included excursions to important architecture and design sites in Madrid and the surrounding regions. They also visited architectural offices to see how small-scale practices develop their work.

The architects studied are internationally recognized within their profession, and they are intellectual leaders who hold prominent academic positions worldwide, according to Professor Anna Gitelman, who teaches Interior Architecture at the University’s New England School of Art & Design. These architects are rigorous in terms of building construction and sensitive to the surrounding environments, whether natural or cultural.

ArchiTapas is on exhibit in the New England School of Art & Design's fourth-floor gallery space at 75 Arlington St. through Oct. 31.