The Meaning of Life is the topic and title of a freshman seminar taught by Philosophy Professor Evgenia Cherkasova, who chats with Huffington Post reporter Jaweed Kaleem about the importance of discussing "different ways of living."

Evgenia CherkasovaCherkasova developed the course through an Enduring Questions grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The grant was created to “support ... the teaching and development of a new course that will foster intellectual community through the study of an enduring question.”

She gives a sense of what makes the class unique in an answer to one of Kaleem's questions: 

"...In one assignment, students create their "meaning of life profile." How do they define happiness? What does a fulfilling life look like to them? Are people responsible for where they end up in life? We’ve created a website featuring the best student work from over the two years, including “crisis of meaning” interviews conducted by students. We’ve also created a computer game about philosophy called Vixi: A Master’s Way [“vixi” is Latin for “I have lived”] to allow the public to explore these questions on their own."

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