Professor Nir Eisikovits’ upcoming philosophy course, “Facing the Past after War,” will examine how conflict-torn countries deal with their violent history and will feature guest appearances by experts and officials from across the world who have been involved in real-world attempts to end wars and strife.

The course has been developed in collaboration with the Cambridge based NGO Beyond Conflict, which specializes in conflict resolution and is led by Suffolk University alumnus Tim Phillips, BS ’83. Phillips will be a distinguished visiting scholar in the College of Arts & Sciences this spring.

Areas of discussion will include South African apartheid, the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and acrimony over the Confederate flag as well as more thematic issues such as the meaning of humiliation in politics and the significance of recent discoveries in neuroscience for our understanding of ethnic hatred.

The course will look at the theory and practice of facing the past after war, including:

  • What does it mean for groups to reconcile?
  • Are there tensions between seeking reconciliation and doing justice for past abuses?
  • How have different countries, from South Africa to Colombia addressed such challenges?