Wesley Savick of the Theatre Department directs Einstein's Dreams at the Broad Instititue in Cambridge, April 19-29.

Lighting is by the Theatre Department's Technical Director, Steve McIntosh.

Einstein’s Dreams takes us inside the mind of the brilliant young patent clerk in Berne, Switzerland, 1905, as he re-conceives time.
Einstein performs acrobatics, both physically and mentally, and the audience is invited into reflections on time that range from whimsical to scientific to extremely personal. Einstein’s Dreams is a journey -- alternately wry and wild, very funny and intellectually stimulating, provocative and surprisingly moving.

Savick adapted Alan Lightman's novel for the stage in collaboration with the artists from Underground Railway Theatre.

The performance is followed by open conversation with the artists and special guests from the scientific community.

Einstein’s Dreams is the first full production of the Catalyst Collaborative @ MIT, a partnership between MIT and Underground Railway Theater to create and present plays about science and technology.

Performances are in the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, at the corner of Main and Ames streets. The production is being part of the MIT Museum's inaugural Cambridge Science Festival, April 21-29.

Tickets are available at Cambridge Science Festival and at the door for two hours preceding performances.