Sociology Professor Susan Sered points to myriad issues raised by the spread of and official reaction to the Zika virus in the article “Serious Response Is Needed, But Let's Not ‘Wage War’ on Zika” on the Common Dreams website.

“The emergence and spread of the Zika virus is worrisome on many levels: it highlights the impact of global warming on the spread of infectious and mosquito-borne diseases and the reality that the poorest families in Brazil and other countries disproportionately bear the burdens of global warming,” writes Sered in introducing her argument. “Without the luxuries of well-built homes and screened windows, those who dwell in low-income neighborhoods and shanty-towns are disproportionately exposed to Zika virus due to crowded living conditions, reliance on public water pumps that often are surrounded by pools of standing water, and lack of adequate public health resources.”

Sered writes that, in addition to climate change issues, Zika shines a light on, environmental conditions in low-income communities, reproductive rights, healthcare access, and U.S. failure to sign the International Convention on the Rights of Peoples with Disabilities.

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