The entire Suffolk University community will come together as one during the annual Unity Week festivities, Monday, Feb. 29, through Saturday, March 5.

“I value that Suffolk has dedicated a week focused on unity and coming together,” said sophomore Phyliss St-Hubert. “This year has a variety of different events and it means so much that students are the driving force behind the programs.”

Unity Week is Suffolk University’s annual celebration of diversity and community. It is a collaborative effort by students, faculty, and administrators and has traditionally consisted of entertainment, speakers, dialogue, open classes, food, and music designed to challenge, connect and celebrate the community.

“Unity Week is exciting because the clubs and organizations on campus are so unique and provide incredible opportunities,” said Yamileh Dure, a student leadership and involvement graduate fellow. “This is a chance for students to have a glimpse of what many of them have to offer.”

“What makes Unity Week so special is that it’s student-driven, which is apparent from the programs that are offered throughout the week,” said Alexandra Paterson, associate director of the Office of Student Leadership & Involvement.

Unity Week 2016 schedule

Monday, Feb. 29

Trxbe — African Dance Workshop
4:30 p.m., Donahue Cafe

How to Have an Identity Crisis—Performing Arts Office -
6 p.m., Donahue 403

Tuesday, March 1

Latin Dance Workshop—SUHA, Pasion Latina, CSN
1 p.m., Donahue Cafe

Who Are You?—Program Council
1 p.m., Somerset Cafe

Identity on the Mic—Office of Diversity Services
5:30 p.m., Somerset Cafe

Wednesday, March 2

Walking in Two Worlds: The Shaman’s Journey
Religious Studies & The Interfaith Center
1 p.m., Donahue 218-B

Vinyasa Yoga—Interfaith Center
4 p.m., Donahue 540

Cultural Fair—Student Government Association
5 p.m., Somerset Cafe

Harnessing Energies: How Shamans Use Ritual to Connect Two Worlds
Religious Studies & The Interfaith Center -
5:30 p.m., Donahue 403

Thursday, March 3

Creating a Personal Power Object
Religious Studies & The Interfaith Center
1 p.m., Donahue 403

Dancing with the Stahs—The Journey
6 p.m., C.Walsh Theatre

Friday, March 4

Omatsuri Celebration—Japanese Student Association
5:30 p.m., Somerset Cafe

Arabian Nights—Young Arab Leader Association
6 p.m., Donahue Cafe

Best Buddies - Spread the Word to End the Word
7:30 p.m.., Law School Function Room

Saturday, March 5

TWLOHA - Heavy and Light
6:30 p.m., Donahue Cafe