Professor of Management and Co-Director of the Center for Innovation and Change Leadership, Robert DeFillippi recently received the exciting news that two of his research papers have been accepted for publication in two different leading academic journals.

The article, A Bridge over Troubled Waters: Bridging Organisations and Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Emerging Sectors, will be published in a future issue of Research Policy, a leading international academic journal in innovation management. This article is the first collaboration between DeFillippi and Jonathan Sapsed, who is an Associate Research Fellow at the Center for Innovation and Change Leadership , a Research Fellow at the Centre for Research in Innovation Management, University of Brighton and a Research Fellow of the Advanced Institute of Management (AIM).

The article, began as a consulting project to help an economic devlopment agency implement an advice panel for would-be entrepreneurs and early stage entrepreneurs in the video game industry. The authors were able to develop a same day pre and post advice session set of interviews with all entrepreneurial participants, observation notes of all advising sessions. They then completed a six month follow up of all entrepreneurial participants to see if entrepreneurial advice seeking from a panel of diverse experts in the industry enabled them to improve their prospects for success. The answer: YES! The paper is also being supported by a technical report for the Wired Sussex economic development agency and made available on its website for its membership of SouthEast England video game and creative economy firms.

DeFillippi also received word that his special issue of the Journal of Organizational Behavior (volume 28, issue no. 5) on Paradoxes of Creativity: Organizational and Managerial Challenges in the Cultural Economy will be published in late 2007 or early 2008. In addition to co-editing this special issue, DeFillippi also provides a introductory essay to the special issue.