Philosophy Professor Nir Eisikovits and Timothy Phillips of Beyond Conflict, an international organization that advocates for peace and reconciliation, applaud the political courage of Germany’s recognizing the Armenian Genocide and call on the United States, Great Britain, and Israel to do the same in the article “Though The Heavens May Fall: It's Time To Recognize The Armenian Genocide” published on WBUR’s Cognoscenti webpage.

“It is not always possible to do what is right in international relations,” they write. “From Machiavelli to Bismarck, from Kissinger to Obama, we hear that prudence has to temper justice when it comes to foreign policy. But there are rare cases when prudence has to take a bow. Slavery is one. Genocide is another. Prudence cannot negate the responsibility to acknowledge the worst things we do to each other. Mansfield, though uneasy, understood that. So did the German Parliament. Now, it is Obama’s, Cameron’s and Netanyahu’s turn.”

The article is available on the Cognoscenti ideas and opinion website.