When he chose to attend Suffolk, Zach Ciampa had one goal in mind.

“I wanted to build my brand as a music producer,” says the 19-year-old sophomore, whose new single, “The People I Love” was just released internationally on iTunes, Spotify, and other digital music stores.

Smells like school spirit

“The song is dedicated to the great circle of friends I’ve met at Suffolk and how we’ve become a family,” he says. “We listen to the song all the time when we’re together. It kind of fits with the school’s goal of building spirit and community.”

Ciampa came to Suffolk with self-developed musical chops—he learned how to play the piano at age 5 and started producing electronic music as a hobby by age 12. Now, as an entrepreneurship major in Suffolk's Sawyer Business School, he is gaining the knowledge and skills to represent himself when dealing with potential clients interested in his music.

The business side of music

“I’m looking to become a smarter businessperson, and I’ve already learned so much—accounting, networking, marketing, creating value, and business development,” he says. “I’ve decided that licensing songs is going to be my most productive and profitable path to market.

Stephan Thieringer of the Management and Entrepreneurship Department, believes that Ciampa has a bright future.

“Zach is creative, hardworking and knows how to connect with people,” says Thieringer. “He is also a natural leader who has high energy and a never-ending curiosity. I feel he will be successful in whatever he puts his head and heart into.”

Client projects

Ciampa has produced about 50 electronic music songs under the name Haelphon over the years. He has an ongoing relationship with several independent film producers and two contracts with major licensing companies.

His current projects include producing music tracks for a global audience, including a promotional ad for a high-end, luxury spa associated with the Harrods of London department store and an informational web series for an international consulting company.

“On one end of the spectrum I produce music for people to enjoy listening to, and on the other end I produce music for companies to use for licensing,” says Ciampa of his dual artistic and commercial roles.

He says that his one wish before graduating from Suffolk “is to have one of my songs appear somewhere in mainstream media, like in a movie, television show or commercial.”