Suffolk University and the Boston Private Industry Council (PIC) are co-sponsoring a 2007 Summer College Prep Institute for more than 20 students who will be seniors in the Boston Public Schools in September.

Partnering summer employers -- Bank of America, Boston City Hall, JP Morgan, Sovereign Bank, and Suffolk University -- agreed to release their student workers two mornings a week, with pay, to attend classes at the University.

Looking to the future

The Summer College Prep Institute's students, who attend seven Boston Public High Schools and two METCO schools, have passed MCAS, have at least a C or better in English and math courses and are employed through the Boston PIC summer jobs program.

The students each take College 101 and an elective:

  • College 101 introduces students to the college admissions process, financial aid, effective communication and writing skills, academic advising, college resources, and more.

Electives are:

  • Government 101 -- Clued into Politics: Introduces the basic structures and responsibilities of local, state, and national government. Students gain a deeper understanding of how political power is organized; how citizens can make change; how issues become part of the agenda; and how participation in electoral and governmental politics affects the political process.
  • Money Management -- Clued into Finance: Introduces students to the best ways to manage money, credit and loans; banking; and how to pay for college.

Past participants entering college

The Summer College Prep Institute is the outgrowth of a summer 2006 pilot program that served 20 Boston Public School students, several of whom are now incoming Suffolk University freshmen.

Suffolk University has been a host employer for the Boston PIC summer jobs program for more than 15 years.

Moakley Institute Director, Beth Bower is coordinating the program with the Boston PIC. Jeanne Morton is the University's project manager for the 2007 Summer College Prep Institute. Lori Cawthorne is the point-of-contact for all PIC students employed by Suffolk University.