Suffolk University was cited for its scholarly productivity in the areas of Business, Education, and Social Sciences, by Academic Analytics.

The University was listed by Academic Analytics as one of the "Top 20 Specialized Research Universities - Business, Education & Social Sciences."

 Academic Analytics measures the scholarly productivity of faculty based on their publications, citations, and financial and honorary awards.

Programs, not individual faculty, are rated and are aggregated to produce rankings of whole universities. "One of the greatest challenges for academia has been finding a way to measure and evaluate that scholarly -- as distinct from teaching -- productivity," said Lawrence Martin, chief scientific consultant to Academic Analytics. "The Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index allows university leadership for the first time to get a clear picture of the comparative scholarly strength and vitality of their doctoral programs relative to others on an annual basis."


In its second year of analysis, the FSP Index has expanded its data-gathering program to include information from nearly 200,000 faculty members based at 354 institutions and representing 118 academic disciplines in nearly 7,300 Ph.D. programs throughout the country. In all, the FSP Index research matched those faculty to more than 15,000 books authored by slightly more than 9,500 faculty, more than one million journal articles, almost seven million citations, over 6,000 awards and honors and more than 83,000 federal research grants.

Academic Analytics, founded in 2005, is the result of collaboration between faculty and researchers at the Stony Brook University and Educational Directories Unlimited.