Suffolk's MPA Program has been reaccredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) for a period of six years. The Suffolk MPA was first accreditied in 1980 and was one of the first MPA programs nationally to be accredited by NASPAA.

NASPAA serves as a national and international resource for the promotion of excellence in education and training for public service. Its institutional membership includes 253 US university programs in public affairs, public policy, public administration, and public management. NASPAA’s Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation (COPRA) is the specialized accrediting body for masters degree programs in public affairs, administration, and policy, and is recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). NASPAA members are eligible to participate in an accreditation review of their master’s level programs by COPRA. The review combines a self-study with peer review, including a site visit. The Commission publishes and disseminates a record of its actions, including an annual roster of accredited programs.