The new spring/summer issue of Salamander, the national literary journal published at and supported by the Suffolk University English Department, is now available. Feature excerpts from the new issue are publicly available on the Salamander website,

Highlights from the new issue, No. 44, include


Poetry by Moira Linehan, Frank Ormsby, Jessica Greenbaum, Matthew Dulany, George Franklin, Ovidio Reyes, David Ishaya Osu, Jeffrey Harrison, Betsy Sholl, Jacqueline Lyons, Yves Bonnefoy, and many others


"Vibiana in the Half-Court Set" by Mary Crawford

"The Watchers" by James Winter

"The Floatplane" by Steve Trumpeter

"The Spectrum of Wonders" by Becky Hagenston


"My Father's Teeth" by Marsha Pomerantz

Book Reviews

Marc Harshman's Believe What You Can, Yehoshua November's Two Worlds Exist, and David Blair's Arsonville reviewed by Emily Jaeger

Josephine Yu's Prayer Book for the Anxious and Jean Marie Beaumont's Letters from Limbo reviewed by Anna V.Q. Ross

Layli Long Soldier's Whereas and Rebecca Dunham's Cold Pastoral reviewed by Jacqueline Kolosov

Shane McCrae's In the Language of My Captor reviewed by Valerie Duff-Strautmann