The Suffolk University Gallery presents Speak, Object, an exhibition that explores how objects tell stories, with an interactive component for sharing personal stories about treasured objects.

The Speak, Object exhibit is at the gallery from Nov. 30, 2017, through Jan. 16, 2018. A reception with the artists will be held from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 30 n the exhibit space on the sixth floor of the Sawyer Building..

Objects reflect who we are as a culture. They speak of and to the world that came before us and for their makers. Ultimately, a work of art finds its voice through the viewer’s projection, contemplation, and connection. Often the best narratives about objects are the ones we cannot understand, leaving them up to our imagination.

The works in the exhibition Speak, Object imply and also create their own narratives. Embracing a range of materials, they are all very personal and look both inward and out. As reflections of their respective artist-makers, they act as voice and vocabulary for ideas. In this way, they invite us to unpack what is otherwise inaccessible. They are gifts from the present to be valued in the future, mute objects that speak.

Participating artists

  • Caleb Cole
  • Judy Haberl
  • Steve Locke
  • Greg Mencoff
  • Janice Redman

The work in the exhibit ranges from repeated forms to found items tenderly wrapped to rubber molds of transformed objects. In addition to the work curated for the exhibition, the artists have been asked to choose an object from their private collections to include in their displays, adding another layer of narrative and a way of thinking about what an artist is compelled to make.