After spending the previous week basically on the sidelines, Suffolk alumna Courtney Yates '03 re-emerged as a player during the sixth week of Survivor: China. Courtney's dislike for fellow Fei Long tribe member Jean-Robert Bellande bubbled to the surface and she spent much of the episode trying to convince her other mates to vote her nemesis off the island. 

Her tribe won the week's Reward Challenge, and the team was treated with a trip to a tea house that includes such amenities as a shower, bath soaps, towels, and most importantly a western-style toilet. Hey, after five weeks in a jungle, it's the little things in life that matter.

When not obsessing over Jean-Robert, she participated in an Immunity Challenge in which the tribes squared off in a food-eating competition. Courtney couldn't choke down the three eels (yes, you read that correctly) fast enough and lost her event, but it could have been worse - other tribe members had to eat such things as chicken hearts, full turtles, and balute, also known as chicken fetus. Definitely a time to look at the glass as half-full.

Ultimately, her attempts to oust Jean-Robert failed but she maintained her place in the tribe and continues to be in the hunt to win the $1 million grand prize given to the last remaining contestant, scheduled for December.