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Political Happy Hour with Joshua Miller of the Boston Globe

Location: Poetry Center, Sawyer Library, 3rd Floor
Thursday, December 1, noon

This time it’s YOUR turn to ask the questions--find out what it’s like to be a political reporter for the Boston Globe!

Miller covers politics for the Globe. A Massachusetts native, Miller worked in Washington, D.C. at ABC News and the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call before joining the Globe in 2013.

Miller conducted Boston Globe Live Happy Hour interviews at Suffolk University in 2015-2016 with Senator Elizabeth Warren, Governor Charlie Baker, Mayor Marty Walsh, Congressmen Stephen Lynch and Seth Moulton and Mass State House President, Stan Rosenberg.

This event is co-sponsored by the Communication & Journalism Department
Snacks will be served!

"Come Together" for a Fab Beatles Book Talk!

Location: Poetry Center, Sawyer Library, 3rd Floor
Thursday, November 17, 12:15-1:30 p.m.

In the countless studies of the Beatles, the fandom that drove the 20th Century's most enduring popular culture phenomenon often received little scholarly attention. Dr. Candy Leonard rectified that critical blind spot with the 2014 publication of her research study, Beatleness.

Dr. Candy Leonard (PhD University of New Hampshire) is a sociologist, Beatles expert, historian of the nineteen-sixties, and author of the highly acclaimed Beatleness: How the Beatles and Their Fans Remade the World, the only sociocultural analysis of the Beatles phenomenon. Leonard is a frequent presenter at the Fest for Beatles Fans and on college campuses, and also serves as MC at several Beatles events in the New England area. A contributor to Beatlefan magazine and the Huffington Post, Leonard, has spent years researching the effects of popular culture on health, gender, and family life, and is a qualitative research consultant to the healthcare and entertainment industries, with a focus on the baby boomer demographic.

Co-Sponsored by The Seminar for Freshmen Program. College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office

Book Talk: The First House--A Memoir of Mom, Berkeley, and Beyond

Thursday, April 21, 1:00 PM

Location: Poetry Center, Sawyer Library, 3rd Floor

Speaker: Amy Agigian

The memoir explores the author’s experiences growing up with love and secrets. What does a ten-year old do when her mom—the funnest, best mom in the world—goes from being an antiwar radical to being a closeted lesbian? How does a thirteen-year old girl cope when her mom is stricken with a terrifying illness that nobody, inside the family or out, can acknowledge? How does a fourteen-year old handle leaving her suburban home in Palo Alto to join her father in a hippie collective in 1970’s Berkeley?

The First House is a story of motherlove and motherloss that winds through decades of discovery. A young girl, then a teen, then an adult, seeks solace, sanity, and love in this collection of moving and surprisingly funny tales. The journey takes her through the unlikely worlds of astrology, academia, feminism, and queer family. Along the way she embraces a procession of surrogate mothers, teachers, lovers, friends, animals, and invisible beings. But how long can she keep the promises she made to the most important person in the world?

Amy Agigian, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Sociology at Suffolk University, where she is also the Founding Director of the Center for Women's Health and Human Rights. Trained in the sociology of women, gender, sexuality and health, she is the author of Baby Steps: How Lesbian Alternative Insemination is Changing the World. Dr. Agigian’s current research applies a feminist health and human rights perspective to the vexing, global issues of human fertility and infertility. A long time activist, Dr. Agigian lives in Somerville, Massachusetts and is the mother of a teen-aged son.

Voting Rights and the 2016 Presidential Election

Speaker: Rachael Cobb

Wednesday, March 30, 1:00 PM

Poetry Center

In 2006 only one U.S. state required identification to vote on Election Day. Today, 11 states require identification and 34 states have some version of voter identification rules. Other election reforms including early voting have expanded since the early 2000s. What impact will these reforms have on voter turnout in the 2016 presidential election?

Rachael Cobb is Associate Professor and Chair of the Government Department at Suffolk University. Her research focuses on U.S. elections, election administration, electoral politics, civic engagement, and political participation. At Suffolk University, Cobb runs the University Pollworkers Project, a nonpartisan program designed to recruit college students to serve as poll workers in partnership with the City of Boston’s Election Department

Drowning in Debt and Don't Know What That Means?

Speaker: Victoria Ireton

Wednesday, March 2nd @ 1pm

Poetry Center

Come hear Victoria Ireton's inspirational story which was recently featured in Suffolk University's "Public Problems. Suffolk Solutions" initiative. Once homeless, Ireton has developed a financial literacy curriculum for teaching first-year students at Suffolk about the perils of student loans.

Ireton is a senior at Suffolk University who is double majoring in Government and Philosophy. Her research focuses on the effects of a financial education regarding students loans and how it better protects the consumer. Ireton focuses on educating students on how to become smarter borrowers--teaching concepts that are all too close to home for the once homeless student.

Book Talk: Change Leadership

Speakers: Colette Dumas and Richard H. Beinecke

Thursday, Feb 11th @ 1pm

Poetry Center

You know WHAT needs to change in your workplace. But have you ever wondered HOW to make change happen? Join Drs. Colette Dumas and Richard Beinecke as they share the inspiring stories and effective change practices of successful change leaders profiled in their new book series "Change Leadership" published by SAGE Publications.

Colette Dumas, Ph.D., is Professor of Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship at the Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University. Dr. Dumas founded the Center for Innovation and Change Leadership at Suffolk University to help organizations develop innovative and collaborative change leadership learning programs. Her research interests include organizational change, creativity and innovation, adult learning, and collaborative action inquiry.

Richard H. Beinecke DPA ACSW is a professor in the Suffolk University Institute for Public Service and the Healthcare Department in the Sawyer Business School in Boston where he teaches courses on leadership, and U.S. and global health policy and conducts research on management of mental health programs (most recently on the mental health and public health responses to the Boston bombings) and leadership.