TAO Self-Help Modules

Need help bouncing back from disappointments or life’s stumbling blocks? Want to work on your coping skills? Through TAO, you can access an online library of engaging, interactive programs to help move towards your goals.

You can complete TAO at your own pace. A session a day. Maybe two. It's entirely up to you.

  • Using TAO Self-Help Modules is anonymous. User entries in the modules, logs and the wellness survey remain private, only accessible by the user. TAO provides anonymous, group data to centers about number of users enrolled, modules completed and aggregated de-identified wellness scores.
  • TAO Self-Help is not counseling. It is a set of self-help/self-guided resources that students may find helpful in managing different life stressors. Suffolk students seeking counseling services are welcome to contact Counseling, Health & Wellness (CHW) at 617-573-8226. Suffolk students experiencing a mental health or medical emergency should follow the emergency instructions detailed here.
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Introduction to TAO


00:02 Could you use a little bit of help?

00:04 In every life journey there will be ups and there will be downs…

00:10 Even the best of times can get overwhelming

00:13 Healthy worry and low mood happen normally in everyone's life

00:17 And when the tough times happen….

00:19 You may even need a little bit of help getting through the rough patches.

00:23 TAO self-help, is a completely private online library of behavioral health resources that includes interactive educational modules and practice tools to help you understand and manage how you feel, think and act.

00:37 You can learn stress management, mindfulness skills, problem-solving, relationship skills and strategies to avoid dwelling on your concerns and develop more helpful thinking patterns.

00:51 TAO Self-Help provides a platform to assist you to bounce back from life’s disappointments and frustrations. 

00:58 When you are feeling overwhelmed, low or anxious,

01:02 Log in at thepath.taoconnect.org.

01:07 It’s easy, you can do this, choose signup in TAO Self-Help.

01:13 Then you can select the modules that will help you feel better, function better and live the life you choose.

01:19 You can handle more than you think.

01:22 Sign up with your campus email for free unlimited access.

TAO Offers These Themed Modules

This pathway directly addresses the challenges college students face. You’ll learn to recognize and understand how your thoughts influence your feelings and behaviors.

Resilience is the psychological concept of successfully processing and adapting to change and stress. This pathway guides you to a place where you can begin to accept and embrace your life fully–even its challenges. Improving your abilities to accept and adapt to unexpected events in your life can lead to a marked improvement in both how you function and how you feel. Along with learning mindfulness techniques that let you practice being present in the moment, you can begin to clarify and understand your own personal values. Committing to living your life based on those values can help you find greater peace and well-being.

Relationships are challenging sometimes. This pathway will help you understand how to improve yours by building your communication skills, learning to recognize unhealthy relationship behaviors, and finding ways to manage anger. You'll also learn how to respond more effectively to others.

When life gets you down, it's easy to think negatively. This pathway will encourage you to find ways to think more positively. In doing so, you might just find that you don't feel quite as blue anymore. As you learn to pay attention to your thoughts and find ways to see situations in a more constructive light, you may find that your behaviors become more positive too. This pathway also includes mindfulness techniques to help you learn to be present in your life and find peace in the moment.

When you feel down, it's easy to start withdrawing from others, leading to a cycle of perpetually feeling blue. By learning to challenge yourself to engage with life–even when you don't initially want to–you can begin to feel better and think more positively.


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How to get started in TAO

  1. Go to the TAO portal and select “Sign Up in Self Help with an Institution”
  2. Enter your name and Suffolk University email address in the enrollment form
  3. Leave the 'EnrollmentKey' field blank
  4. Fill out the Demographics and Informed Consent form*, then click 'Sign Me Up!'
  5. Check your email for the confirmation link you must click on before signing in 

Login Portal

If you already have a TAO account and want to sign in, follow this link to the TAO website.

You can use TAO on any web platform, or download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

TAO Information

TAO includes over 150 brief, effective, educational sessions covering over 50 common topics and skills related to mental health, wellness, and substance use issues. TAO Includes interactive sessions, mindfulness exercises and practice tools all aimed at helping you achieve your goals.

  1. Go to the register page
  2. Enter first name, last name, and your school email address
  3. Do not create a password (Use SSO [your Suffolk Single Sign On, i.e., what you use for email] with TAO)
  4. Leave the 'Enrollment Key' field blank
  5. Click Sign Me Up
  6. Check your email. You will be sent a Welcome to TAO email with a confirmation link which you must click on to sign in.