Community Standards for a Safer Campus

Suffolk’s Power of One Pledge

Every Suffolk University Ram plays an essential role in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Our collective success depends on each member of our community embracing this responsibility, recognizing our personal impact on others, and committing to practices that limit both individual and community exposure. When we each commit to acting in the best interest of others, we embody the power of one to promote the health and safety of all.

Students will acknowledge their acceptance of this pledge as part of the e-Checkin process on WebAdvisor.

By joining or returning to the Suffolk community, you are:

  • Acknowledging your personal responsibility in limiting the spread of COVID-19
  • Committing to maintain diligent practices and behaviors that promote personal and community health
  • Agreeing to actively demonstrate your commitment to your health—as well as the well-being of others—through your daily actions and choices

As a Suffolk Ram, I commit to:

  • Stay home if I am not feeling well
  • Monitor my health daily, contact Counseling, Health & Wellness (CHW) immediately if I experience symptoms, and follow the medical guidance provided to me
  • Follow self-isolation and self-quarantine instructions if I am exposed to or test positive for COVID-19
  • Participate in regular COVID-19 health screenings and testing as requested and provided by the University
  • Reliably share information relevant for contact tracing with appropriate University officials
  • Be vaccinated for the flu unless I provide CHW with documentation of a sincere religious objection to being vaccinated or a medical contraindication
  • If I am not fully vaccinated and have received a vaccination exemption for a medical contraindication or a sincere religious belief, wear a face covering that covers my nose, mouth, and chin in all classrooms, offices, and public and shared spaces
  • Practice good hygiene habits, such as washing my hands frequently and disinfecting my living space daily
  • Abide by the evolving health regulations and guidelines issued by the University and federal, state, or local officials
  • Adhere to all protocols and policies established by the University pertaining to travel during the semester
  • Encourage and remind my fellow Rams to follow these community standards, and communicate my concerns about others’ noncompliance by emailing the Student Affairs Office or by submitting an incident report.
  • Remove myself from campus if I am unable to fulfill my responsibilities to our community standards at any point during the semester
  • Understand that if I am not complying with the Power of One Pledge, others may remind me and I may be held accountable for my noncompliance.