Tips for Coping & Self-care

Any Suffolk student will tell you, college is busy! Finding the time to take care of yourself can be hard. Take time out for a little self-care in order to avoid burnout and exhaustion. You’re worth it.
  • Reach out and make contact with others
  • Talk with friends and loved ones
  • Recognize and accept your feelings as "normal" responses to extreme circumstances
  • Express your feelings appropriately; keep a journal
  • Structure your time
  • Maintain your usual schedule as much as you can
  • Get extra rest and set aside time to relax
  • Eat regular balanced meals even if you don't feel hungry
  • Exercise or participate in some regular physical activity
  • Delay major decisions or changes in your life
  • Avoid excessive use of alcohol or drugs
  • If symptoms persist, contact CHW Counseling at 617-573-8226, or a mental health professional.