Register for Family Orientation

The more, the merrier! All new first-year and transfer students must attend orientation. As a family member, you don't have to come to our optional family orientation...but we really hope you do.

If you’re interested in attending Family Orientation, please register at the same time as your student. It's easy to add a family member to your student's registration; you just need access to their admission applicant portal. You can also register more family members or change the names of those attending with you in the system, up to 48 hours before your chosen session date.

Please note: Family members may choose to stay on campus during June orientation at an additional cost of $78 per person, per night. Due to space constraints, family members staying on campus overnight may be asked to share a suite with other guests of the same gender. The suites feature individual, separate bedrooms connected via a shared bathroom. If a student has more than one family member staying on campus overnight, they may request to stay in the same suite under the special accommodations section in their registration.