The Division of Student Affairs supports the Suffolk University mission by striving to provide a welcoming, supportive and engaging environment that enriches the academic, social and personal experiences of all students, where the full potential of success can be achieved. Our goal is to empower and develop the multiple facets of the identities of our students (artistic, spiritual, athletic, leadership, academic, etc.), which will in turn help to shape the Suffolk community and beyond.


The guiding principles of our work include:

Student Engagement & Advocacy

Assist students to actively embrace and craft their experience at Suffolk, while teaching the aptitudes of self-advocacy, intellectual curiosity, leadership and personal responsibility. Encourage and provide involvement in co-curricular opportunities that enhance leaning (artistic, spiritual, athletic, leadership, academic, etc.). Engage students in developing personal and professional skills needed to be successful in life and to cultivate versatile individuals who will have a strong, prideful connection to the university as active alumni.

Embracing Diversity & Social Justice

Foster awareness, respect and appreciation for individual experiences, beliefs and ideas by cultivating a genuine understanding for the rich diversity of our community. Engage in conversations related to power and privilege in our society. Promote a community that is inclusive and supportive of independent opinions, that encourages students to be involved with the process of change and where differences are celebrated. 

Social Responsibility & Civic Engagement

Provide opportunities for students to become invested in their community’s quality of life while empowering them to positively change their surroundings. Instill the value of personal and civic responsibility through cultivation of personal integrity including increased awareness of social issues, volunteerism, and community involvement. Provide meaningful opportunities for self-reflection and active participation in service to others to instill a sense of ongoing relationship in our communities.

Holistic Care & Support

Create an environment where students, staff and faculty actively and sensitively support one another as equal members of the Suffolk University community, as well as cultivate empathy and compassion for those members who are the most in need. Focus on enabling students to manage personal and academic problems that can inhibit growth and development.