Alex Toma


  • hometown

    San Diego, CA

  • lives in

    San Diego, CA

  • current position

    Mr. Consignment USA

Why did you decide to attend Suffolk?

To be honest, I never expected to go to school on the East Coast. I didn’t get into the school I wanted out here, and I went to visit Boston and fell in love with the city."

How did Suffolk help you decide on a career path?

"I knew I wanted to be in business, and I went with management because it gave me the most freedom to take other electives. I was really into real estate, but there was no real estate program at Suffolk then."

How did Suffolk prepare you for this job?

"I would say it taught me basic business principles, but really it was my professors who inspired me. They have a lot of really great professors there, and they inspired me to do what I wanted to do."

What’s the most unexpected aspect of transitioning from student life to full-time work?

" I’ve always had jobs since I was about 15, so I knew what the real world is like. While I was at Suffolk, I had a co-op. I was basically working as a real estate agent, renting apartments. So there was nothing that really surprised me in the real world. If anything, I was pretty well-prepared for it by Suffolk and prior experience."

What do you like the most about your current role?

"The freedom. Being your own boss is awesome."

What are your goals for the future?

"Right now what I’m doing is just paying the bills, getting some experience, and saving some money. Ultimately I’d really like to be a big real estate investor or developer. "

Do you have a morning routine to get ready for work?

"Most days I work out. In the morning I’ll go to Crossfit and then come home. What really gets me amped up every day is a large iced coffee with a couple of shots of espresso in it."

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