Breana Pitts


  • hometown

    Kingston, MA

  • lives in

    Kingston, MA

  • current position

    News Coordinator
    WHDH-TV (Channel 7)

How did Suffolk help you decide on a career path?

"Studio 73, Suffolk’s TV studio, was doing open houses and I went in and really liked it. I did the Suffolk in the City internship through New England Cable News. We did man-on-the-street interviews, edited our own packages, and did live shots on the morning show. It was an amazing experience and definitely pointed me toward the job that I’m in now."

What do you like the most about your current job?

"I help put together the show like a producer. It’s my job to coordinate the shows and make sure everything makes its time slot and things get edited in time. I communicate with the producer and executive producer to make a smooth show. It’s very high-pressure, but I like that. I kind of thrive off that."

Where do you hope to go from here?

"I would like to be a reporter/anchor. I enjoy editing, being behind the scenes, but I also enjoy being in front of the camera. It sounds silly, but I love talking to people, sharing their stories."

What's your optimal breakfast choice to start the work day?

"Coffee gets me going. And Twitter. That’s how I know what I’m coming into at work, what stories I’m walking into. Social media really helps me plan my day out."

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