Jacquelyn Schaab


  • hometown

    Garnet Valley, PA

  • lives in

    Jamaica Plain, MA

  • current position

    Associate Art Director
    Digitas LBi

How did Suffolk help you decide on a career path?

"I had two internships while I was in school and one after graduation. And I actually got my job through my advertising professor."

How did Suffolk prepare you for this job?

"One of the things I got out of it was a lot of classroom collaboration. We had really small classes—only eight kids per class sometimes—and we really worked together. Now I’m happy I had that experience. It’s hard to work on a team sometimes. And we had really great advisers who weren’t always the nicest when they critiqued your work. It’s important for them not just to tell you that your stuff is great and looks awesome, because you’re going to get feedback from clients that can be tough. The professors put on a client face for you instead of holding your hand."

What do you like most about your current role?

"I like hard work and long hours. It’s really rewarding to put your work in the real world and see it out there for a really well-known corporate client. It’s nice to discover new ways of reaching your audience, which Digitas is really open to. I’m currently working on a Halloween campaign for a consumer product across Facebook, Twitter, and Vine. There are billboards promoting it, including one on I-93."

Do you work with any other Suffolk grads?

"I work with two Suffolk grads I was really close with in school. They are both a year older than me and started at Digitas a year before me. It’s nice to have them there; they were really helpful showing me the ropes. I can always go them for advice."

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