Jillian Canavan


  • hometown

    Holliston, MA

  • lives in

    Webster, MA

  • current position

    Director of Marketing
    La Campesina Inc.

Why did you decide to attend Suffolk?

"I loved the independence of the campus being in the city, rather than the closed-in feeling you get on a self-contained campus. I also chose Suffolk because of its advertising program. And then when I went and saw it, I fell in love."

How did Suffolk prepare you for this job?

"Everything really led me to where I am. I started working for the Princeton Review through the co-op program, doing marketing around the school. My senior year I had a fantastic internship with Charlestown ad agency Wallwork Curry McKenna. Most importantly I had an internship that started in summer 2011 with Lupoli Companies; they work with Sal’s Pizza and Salvatore’s. Without Suffolk, I wouldn’t have gotten the job. So much of what I learned from Lupoli’s director of marketing I apply to my job now."

What’s the most unexpected aspect of working full-time?

"When I graduated college, I’m sitting there going, “All I want is one thing to do, not homework and my internship and my job and my this and my that.” I thought just doing one job every day would be great. And now that I’m here, sometimes I miss having a whole slew of projects going. I can’t believe it’s been ten months. The days just fly by. They don’t prepare you for that when you leave college."

How’s your commute?

"I work from home. It’s amazing. My commute is from my bedroom down the hallway to the office. "

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