Micah Kirkpatrick


  • hometown

    Athens, GA

  • lives in

    Philadelphia, PA

  • current position

    US Army Corps of Engineers

Why did you decide to attend Suffolk?

"To study economics under former Associate Professor Benjamin Powell and Professor David Tuerck. The other reason was that Suffolk accepted my orders from the program under which I was released early from [the Marine Corps] to go to school."

How did Suffolk prepare you for this job?

"It helped me understand the microeconomic approach to macroeconomic matters. In my deployments to Iraq, I was able to see the effect of our raids, but the local populations were still coming together and trading so that they would still have a livelihood. I became interested."

What’s your current role?

"Most Corps projects concern water resources—whether it’s transporting goods, our port cities, recreational activity, or flooding. We assess the projects’ economic impact. Also, coastal storm damage reduction is a big one, especially now after Hurricane Sandy. I’m working on that from New Jersey down to the southern tip of Delaware. Basically we try to figure out the economic impact coastal storm damage reduction projects would have on those economies."

What’s the coolest perk of your job?

"Site visits. Anytime we’re working on a project or if they need expertise on any project—throughout the country or in Europe—the government will send me over for a boots-on-deck view."

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