Moira Sheehan


  • hometown

    Honson, MA

  • lives in

    Brighton, MA

  • current position

    Graphic Designer

Why did you decide to attend Suffolk?

"I really liked the environment and the small class sizes. I met a couple of professors, and I was really interested in the fact they were all working in their field. It seemed like a nice learning environment."

How did you first develop your interest in design?

"I’ve always loved art and design and drawing since I was little. I always knew I wanted do something in the art and design world. I remember reading this book in preschool where the ballerina turns into an artist and then into a princess! All the things I wanted to be at the time!"

In what ways did Suffolk help you make it a career?

"One of the biggest ones was my relationship with my professors. They were really encouraging and really pushed us to find opportunities and internships, and they also have really good connections. I learned a lot from them too because they’re really up-to-date on current programs, like the Adobe suite and Photoshop."

What do you like most about your current role?

" I do a lot of marketing emails and web design, user experience stuff. And I’m starting to work on some out-of-home stuff, billboards and trolley ads. But I really like working on web design and emails because it’s kind of instant gratification. I thought I’d want to do more print but that process takes longer."

How’s your commute?

"Gemvara is at 1 Financial Center so I take the Green Line in. It’s kind of terrible because I live on the B line in Brighton, so it takes 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic. I usually bike in the summer, which cuts the commute time in half, but it’s getting a little cold for that."

Get to know the

Graphic Design

department, where things really came together for Moira.