Rebecca Copeland


  • hometown

    Bristol, RI

  • lives in

    Boston, MA

  • current position

    WriteBoston Marketing Associate,
    AmeriCorps VISTA

Why did you decide to attend Suffolk?

"Suffolk’s was my first acceptance letter, so it was already on my good side. And then I went in on Accepted Student Day and knew it was the one. You talk to a current student and former students and professors. After hearing from the current student, I just turned to my mom and said, “This is the one.” You just have that feeling. The atmosphere was so exciting. The students seemed so positive about the school."

How did Suffolk help you decide on a career path?

"All four years I was really involved on campus. I was a student ambassador and absolutely loved the experience of being a tour guide and talking about Suffolk. After college I knew I wanted a change, but I wanted to give back, so I started looking at AmeriCorps. The job at WriteBoston is great. But it is a lot of behind-the-scenes work, and I really want to have a direct impact with students. I thought back to Suffolk and what I liked best about my experience there. I loved the ambassador experience and decided to get back into admissions to help high school students take that next step to knowledge."

What are your goals for the future?

"We’ll see. I really did love admissions in the past. Maybe ten years from now I’ll still be in love with my position and moving up through higher education. All the Suffolk staff really inspired me. I could see myself with a job in higher ed."

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