Ryan Antonucci


  • hometown

    Belmont, MA

  • lives in

    Brighton, MA

  • current position

    Staff Accountant,
    Ernst & Young LLP

Why did you decide to attend Suffolk for grad school as well as undergrad?

"They have the 4+1 program: if you are an undergrad, they waive a bunch of required classes so you can get a master’s in one year. I also knew a lot of the teachers I would have."

How did you first develop your interest in accounting?

"I wanted to be a writer, a screenwriter, but I had taken an accounting class in high school and I really liked it. I applied to Suffolk and got a full scholarship, so… Plus, an accounting degree probably lands a job more easily."

How did Suffolk help you decide on a career path?

" I took Tax 101 and [Associate] Professor Brigitte Muehlmann — she’s a very inspirational person and she kind of inspired me."

How did Suffolk prepare you for this career?

" In the Career Development Center, Laura Marchant helped me out a lot getting my resume and cover letter looking good. I found success through their online job postings. I got an internship at the ACLU of Massachusetts, and through an online posting at Suffolk I found the job I work at currently."

What do you like the most about your current role?

"I get a lot of exposure to a lot of things I never thought I’d ever do. I don’t just sit and pump out returns. This week I was drafting management comment letters on current events in the tax realm for some of our clients, so there’s a writing component."

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