Samuel Whittle


  • hometown

    Farmington, ME

  • lives IN

    Jamaica Plain, MA

  • current position

    Senior Support Engineer

How did you first develop your interest in marketing?

"My uncle works for BBDO in New York City, so when I was a kid, he used to talk to me about it. That was definitely one thing that got me excited about the field."

Why did you decide to attend Suffolk?

"I had a Suffolk recruiter come to my high school and he suggested it may be a good fit. I was looking for something in the city, but I hadn’t decided on the city. I thought New York City would be too big, seeing as I came from Farmington, a town of 5,000 people."

How did Suffolk prepare you for this job?

"I took a very, very small sports marketing class, I think it was seven students, and I wound up doing an internship for the Boston Celtics. That was fantastic — right there in the Garden. I designed a survey for them and analyzed it and made a very professional hour-long presentation to two of the board members. This was definitely big for me and got me ready for a lot of stuff outside of Suffolk."

What’s the most unexpected aspect of full-time work?

"Probably having a steady schedule. It’s something I was eager to get used to. It’s 8-5. I appreciate and enjoy that and feel like I’m transitioning into more of an adult life, as opposed to the scattered class schedule."

What the coolest perk of your job?

"Unlimited vacation and a beer fridge."

Do you work with any other Suffolk grads?

"I do, actually: a gentleman named Juan Toro. I shared a couple of courses with him."

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